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Simple Solutions for a Complex World

Our commercial insurance brokers provide coverage for specialty businesses in the construction, hospitality and medical field. Our firm has been providing commercial insurance solutions to businesses since 2012 focused in niche areas.  Our focus remains steady in providing unmatched resources and customers services to our customers within underserved niche industries. 

Sage Specialty Contractors Group

Sage Specialty Contractors Group

Our niche specialty construction group represents commercial and residential construction operations.  Today our select clients include geotechnical, engineering professionals, locomotive specialty contractors and related service suppliers. 

Sage Landscaper Insurance Group

Our landscape contractor group represents our commercial and residential landscape contractors. Contractors are providing services seasonal and year round services and include aggregate materials.  

Sage Landscapers Group

Park Trees

Sage O&P Insurance

Sage O&P Insurance Group

Our O&P group started in 2014 with a few clients and slowly turned into a strong client base over 16 states. Our initial campaign focused on the O&P industry and has since expanded to include Pedorthic service business owners.

In 2016 our O&P Group was able to reach the goal of $100,000 in total client savings for our new clients and look to continue to this day expanding the industry savings.

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